"When something makes a big difference in your life, you want to share it with the world and that's exactly how we feel about the Yoga Pro Wheel.  The benefits of using this product are endless, and nothing short of amazing!"  

Yoga Wheel

Take It To The Next Level With The Yoga Pro Wheel

Yoga is an amazing practice that enhances us holistically.  Our bodies begin to glow from the ancient poses, our mind starts to flourish as we consciously control our breathing, and a depth so profound it can only be described as spiritual springs forth from our being.  Once you start reaping the benefits of yoga, you never want to stop.  The Yoga Pro Wheel is a tool that milks every practice for its full worth.  This instrument is quickly coming to be seen as a great multiplier for all our hard work on the mat.  But what specifically are the benefits?  Let's find out!

Balance - Enhancer

The ability to balance is something that is critical in yoga.  Many poses are designed to enable you to be a better balancer and many poses actually train you to stand in the most balanced way.  Balance is important for many reasons.  You improve your posture with good balance.  Balancing keeps your skeletal system aligned and this is critical.  When you are unbalanced and walking with bad posture, you are forcing parts of your body to withstand forces that they are not designed to.  A common bad posture move is to slouch.  This can ruin your body over time by forcing some vertebrae of your spine to shoulder an unreasonable burden at an angle that happens to be its weak spot.  Additionally, slouching will shift your center of gravity off of where your body can naturally channel your weight into the ground.

The Yoga Pro Wheel forces us to acknowledge the importance of balance.  Just a few sessions on it pays quick dividends to that aspect of our yogic repertoire.  The Yoga Pro Wheel amplifies where your weight is being shifted.  It offers an accelerated lesson in whether or not we have good posture.  The wonderful benefit of the Yoga Pro Wheel is that it will become stable when you achieve stability.  The ability to explore your own body through trial and error will increase your kinesthetic or tactile intelligence as opposed to having someone who knows put you in the optimal position.  Many who are new to the concept of the Yoga Wheel worry that it may roll away, but remember your yoga mat!  Your yoga mat has a surface that is designed to prevent slipping when pressure is exerted on it.  To resolve any fears, just put your Yoga Pro Wheel on your yoga mat.

Enhances Stretches and Inversions

A common goal of yoga is to deepen our ability to do the stretch.  The reason is because we reap a pose's benefits in greater amounts when we really release our tenseness away into it.  Now the challenge is that many yogis and yoginis approach a brick wall as they do their practice.  This barrier is often a mental one, but it is sometimes strong enough to impede their ability to go deeper into a pose.  A yoga block may help here.  However, a yoga block can only be used for a limited amount of poses and those poses are not the ones that offer the greatest benefits.  The Yoga Pro Wheel can unlock our potential by being an aide that pushes us forward.  It's most obvious use in this regard is with backbends.  The Yoga Pro Wheel allows anyone of any experience level to do a simple backbend safely.  Although it is assisted, the gentle curvature of the device helps to align our spine.  People often say the relief they feel is like a visit to the chiropractor.  But if you are more advanced, you can use this potent tool for much more.

The Yoga Pro Wheel is a powerful aide for inversions.  The proper execution of a headstand is considered a kind of golden seal of an advanced yoga practitioner in some circles.  For many yogis and yoginis, however, there is a mental barrier that stops them from literally turning their lives around one hundred and eighty degrees.  The Yoga Pro Wheel can serve as a loyal friend on the quest for the perfect headstand.  It will also be easier to execute a headstand because the Yoga Pro Wheel would have allowed for a deeper backbend.  By allowing us to reach deeper into our poses, the Yoga Pro Wheel already prepares us for more advanced moves.

A Subtle Core Workout

In many yoga practices a strong core is a necessity.  But it is often hard to develop that core if your routine primarily composes of poses focusing on a different part of your body.  There is nothing wrong with this because we all do our practice to achieve our unique goals.  Yet a strong core will certainly enhance our abilities to reach our aims.

The Yoga Pro Wheel is a wonderful way to stay committed to our yogic practice while adding the extra benefit of core strengthening and support.  The beauty of the wheel is that we can be as creative with it as we wish.  It is particularly helpful in balance poses such as plank and mountain pose (for those who may be doing Sun Salutation).  The Yoga Pro Wheel acts like a multiplier.  If you were going to do your practice, why not add a device that will give your core a good work out too?

The Yoga Pro Wheel is a relatively new device on the scene, but it is no fluff.  It will soon be as integral to practice as the yoga mat and block.  This is because it enhances our practice in a unique and valuable way.  We can reap the ample benefits of increased balance just by using the device on a mat.  It can allow us to get past our fear of hurting ourselves as we start to do more advanced poses.  The Yoga Pro Wheel deepens all of our stretches and inversions in ways that the yoga block does not and cannot.  And it acts as a multiplier on our workout by making our body have to unconsciously support its core.  The verdict is in and the Yoga Pro Wheel is here to stay!
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What if I Don't Practice Yoga?


The Yoga Pro Wheel is for EVERYBODY - big or small, short or tall, men, women and kids too.  You don't have to practice yoga to benefit from using our wheel.  The Yoga Pro Wheel  is for anyone who is looking to improve their flexibility, strength, and overall spinal health.  Multiple studies have shown that committing to a daily routine that includes stretching, releasing muscular tension, and lengthening the spine, can help relieve:  back pain, stiffness, muscle & joint pain, provide increased circulation & flexibility, and improved overall range of motion. 

  • Daily practice can ease stress on parts of the spine that are often stuck in the chronic forward position

  • Great for warming up the muscles for peak performance

  • Can help prevent injury by properly stretching before engaging in fitness activities

  • Improve your posture.  By bending the spine in a direction it's not use to, it helps realign our vertebrae while at the same time stimulates our sympathetic nervous system