Do you love social media?  Would you be interested in receiving a discount on the Yoga Pro Wheel in exchange for social media posting?  Would you like to make extra money by promoting?

If you answered yes, you may be a perfect for the Yoga Pro Wheel ambassador program where you can get your friends a discount and money for helping to grow the Yoga Pro Wheel family!

How much of a discount will my network get? 

You will be offered a $10 off discount code that can be shared with your friends, family members and followers anywhere. When they make a purchase, they can use that discount code during checkout.


How much will I make with my discount code? 

For every referral that results in a purchase, you will receive $10 for every purchase of the Yoga Pro Plus Wheel using your coupon code.

What are some other benefits of becoming an ambassador?

We always look to our brand ambassadors first when other opportunities arise for photo shoots, blog contributions,  special events or future sales and marking promotions. These opportunities may be paid and involve future products we are coming out with.  

How can I join the ambassador program?

When you click the join the ambassador program button below you will be taken to a signup form.You must provide a one word discount code you'd like to use to promote us with. "JenYogi", "Hoopers15", etc. Your friends will put this custom code in at checkout to receive their $10 discount. You may post this code as many times as you want on all your social channels or website.

Once you finish filling out the registration form below we will contact you with your coupon code to receive 40% off the Yoga Pro Plus Wheel.  

Once you place your order,  your new ambassador code will be working within 72 hours.  

All sales made with your code will be paid at the end of the quarter via Pay Pal.

Please make sure to use @yogaprowheel and or www.yogaprowheel in your social media posts to increase awareness about our company.  

What if I don't want to post coupon codes?

If you are not interested in promoting the discount code to your network, but you would still like to receive the 40% off the Yoga Pro Wheel, we ask that you post a minimum of 3 posts a month for 6 months using our social media handle @yogaprowheel or website address somewhere in your social media post.*Discount limited to one product only.

We are excited for you to join the Yoga Pro Team!

Fill out our form and we will get back to you shortly!

Best Yoga Wheel

We are so excited you want to join the Yoga Pro Wheel Team! We will get back to you shortly!